Sunday, July 12, 2009

Some things no one tells you...

Remember early on I was mentioning how weird pregnancy is? Well it is still weird. Usually pretty cool - but still weird. There are new things to add to the weirdness...

Everyone talks about the baby kicking. A very fun and exciting thing to be sure! But they don't talk about the baby moving around inside you. That feels really strange...and sometimes makes me feel just a teeny bit motion sick...seriously!

Also, everyone talks about the odd things that can happen to your hair - it can become thick and gorgeous, stringy and greasy, or in my case weird and frizzy and thick. But body hair, like many of the pregnancy oddities, is not mentioned until you are already well into your pregnancy. I imagine this is because people would not do it otherwise. For example, the hair on your legs grows more slowly - cool right? Well I now have a monkey belly!!! Yes - furry fuzzy belly! Drew says he sees no difference - but he is also probably the first guy in the world who didn't think my boobs got bigger at first. In his defense, they started out pretty large...I don't think either of us imagined them getting much larger...they did sadly (happily to him of course)

So...motion sickness, fuzzy belly, what else is there you ask?
That would be the weirdness of other people. Now, this is something you are always warned about from the start. However, the warning are geared towards thin pregnant women. Thin pregnant I am not! So instead of hearing "Oh my God you are so huge!?" Something I would actually love to hear by the way because it would be confirmation that the outside world knows I am pregnant...I hear "You can't even tell you're pregnant!" Really? Cuz my belly is atleast 3x larger than it was, I have pictures to prove it - exactly how fat do you think I am!?
Or how about this one - instead of people bombarding me with "unwelcome" tummy rubs and advice I do not want...I get nothing.
NOTHING! Now the people who know I am pregnant, of course touch the belly, say hello to the belly, and offer up advice, some of which I have found quite awesome actually...BUT people who didn't know look utterly surprised when they do find out *Cue shocked wide-eyed expression* "Oh wow! I had no idea! Congratulations!!!"
Maybe being a thin pregnant woman is not easy either...but atleast people KNOW you're pregnant and don't just think you are REALLY REALLY freaking fat and round

Maybe I am the exception to the rule but I, personally, would love it if complete strangers touched my belly and asked me constantly 'So when are you due? Boy or girl? Pick a name yet?' and made comments on the hugeness of my baby belly, and offered up bizarre advice. But really, maybe that is just me.

As my very wise mom and hubby keep telling doesn't really matter what the outside world thinks or believes, or says or doesn't say, they tend to be in their own lives anyway...*I* of course know I am pregnant, the people I love who love me back know I am pregnant...and some even have told me how lovely and glowey I am. That's really all that matters =) Now, if I could just get that to sink into my brain...


Unknown said...

LOL Sandi your are a RIOT!! I'm so happy for you I can't say it enough!so when is the baby due? and Have you thought of a name yet? Have you planned the baby shower yet! I want to go buy some cute baby stuff!

=) Marcia

Sandi said...

Due October 29th, shower is in the works (btw message me on Facebook with your address) and his name is Patrick =)