Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ultrasound Photos

Here they are - the first pictures of the little bean!

Friday, March 27, 2009

There's something in there!!!

I had my first ultrasound today. I was half expecting them to tell me to go home or something...like I didn't belong. "Crazy girl, there's no baby in there, what are you doing here?"

The people at the office were so so very nice! And even though I really almost did pee myself in the waiting area...I made it! And then there is was...the baby. My baby. I saw it! I got to hear the heartbeat too! Everything looks fine and normal as it should...I'll get more details from the midwife when I go to my next appointment, but all I really wanted was to know it was really in there...and it is!!!

I am really and truly the keeper of the bean!

The only bummer was that Drew had to work, and we coudn't record the heartbeat with my phone (they wouldn't let us) But mom was there and that was really neat too. 

And I admit it...I started to tear up a bit when I heard that heartbeat...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

9 Weeks!

As of today I am 9 weeks pregnant. This means I am offically 2 months pregnant. Wow! Only 7 more to go!
That is rather mind blowing.

When I am very tired I feel completely overwhelmed by this...But usually I am calm. Calm is good.
I am nervous and excited about my appointment tomorrow - my first ultrasound. I will actually get to see, and probably hear, the baby! So cool!

It'll be a while yet before I get to know if it is a boy or a girl...that is absolutely crazy making! 

Of course...it seems Dr.s like to make pregnant women crazy. Tell me - who's idea was it to make a pregnant woman either fast for testing OR hold her bladder for 1 hour and then fill out paperwork! Are you kidding me!!!

It'll be a miracle if I dont pee all over myself in the waiting room tomorrow...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Belly at 8 Weeks


There is an itty bitty very slight difference...wow! You'd think I'm just getting a little fat...but there is actually a little bean in there...wow...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sick and Pregnant

Being sick sucks. Being sick and pregnant is an absolute nightmare. I started out with a cold and ended up with an upper respiratory infection. I was totally bummed that I couldn't kick it myself and ended up having to go on antibiotics. But I am starting to feel a whole lot better now, so I think I made the right choice here.
As my husband and best friend reminded me - If I am not strong and healthy, that is not helpful for me or the baby.

So strong and healthy here I come. And I will be doing my very very best to not get sick again any time soon...

Also, it would be quite nice if this cough would go away...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

8 Weeks Along

I've hit the 8 week mark today. It is hard to believe that it has been 3 weeks since I found out I am pregnant. It still feels as if it has only been a few days. And honestly, sometimes it still does not seem real...other times it is so real I teeter between absolute fear and giddy excitement.
Calm yourselves hormones! Seriously!

I had a bit of an unpleasant morning sickness experience at 2am today. I have been feeling particulary green and sleepy today. 

To top that off I have had a cold for a few days now. This is very very not fun! If I could just take Alka Seltzer or NyQuil or some other fabulous substance to knock me out for a few ours, I would get better so much faster...Oh well...it just is what it is. The cold does seem to be slowly going away...why is it that they appear suddenly and disappear at a snails pace? Someone has a sense of humor.

It is totally mind blowing to realize that I am now completely and directly responsible for the growth of a little person. I mean, with my animals I could do whatever I wanted, eat whatever I wanted, as long as they got love, food, and water it didn't matter...but with this little bean...everything I do, say, think, eat, drink, dont eat or drink...it all has a direct affect...
It can be a little overwhelming. It is also kinda cool.

I find myself wondering if the "morning" sickness will be getting worse or staying about the same and I just had an off day? Guess I'll find out soon enough.

Friday, March 13, 2009

7 Weeks

I don't feel much different...though I have noticed I've been a bit moodier...ok..bitchier really.  I am so so tired all the time. I am lucky that so far I've not been very sick. I'll feel a bit queasy in the morning and evening usually, and during the afternoon it seems better...but then some days its just there all day long. 

There has been alot going on and I've been stressing out...then getting stressed stresses me out...completely counterproductive I know. It is very hard ot break that cycle.

I am hoping that this weekend I can recoup a little bit and get things figured out. That would really help so so so much.

I've started worrying about weird things...like "will my baby be ugly?" "will I have a safe pregnancy?" "will my baby be healthy?" "will I be ok if it is a boy?" "will I ever get to do all those things I dreamt of doing but never got around to?" "should I really do cloth diapers?" "are we ever going to have money?" "will I be able to get cute maternity T-shirts?"
All that and more...some very vain and superficial stuff, and some very important. 

I've also started having some weird dreams. No ex boyfriends, as I have read often happen in the beginning stages. But then, I really did get rid of most of that baggage a while ago. Nope, my dreams are weird chaotic symbolic messages that I can't quite decipher.

I am still waiting on being able to tell a few close friends before I spread the word near and far. Hopefully, next weekend I'll be able to announce it to the world...and maybe by then it'll start seeming just a teeny bit less surreal? Though, I do doubt that...

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Belly

Here I am at 6 Weeks...So far, all the belly is my own. I have read that the baby is about the size of a small peppercorn now =) I do wonder how the tattoos will fare, thank God I have an amazing tattoo artist who can fix anything...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

6 Weeks

Providing my calculations are correct - I am at 6 weeks today! I have read that this is the start of the super important time in the baby's development. How exciting...and a teeny bit nerve wracking.
I really can't wait to get to the Dr. and know everything is going along as it should. I wonder too if I'll get an ultrasound this early and actually be able to see the little bean...That would be so so so cool!

I have told a few more people. I am still waiting to be able to tell some close friends in person before spreading the news like wildfire. It is so hard to keep it all in.

I still am not really sick (though I am bracing myself). Just mildly queasy and unwell here and there. Yesterday the glorious smell of fresh cut grass turned out to be not so glorious. It's pretty strange and funny. Pregnancy brain seems to be setting in now, as does the emotional-ness. I welcome the odd little symptoms actually - they all make it seem more real.

...I still can't believe I am pregnant.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Telling People

Right now only a few people know. The parents on both sides are pretty excited, though its safe to say that Drew's parents, being much more ready to have grandchildren, are super thrilled with the news.

A few close friends know already, and the rest will know as soon as I can get some one on one time with them (hopefully face-to-face) Everyone else will be finding out after that.

As we tell more people, it becomes more real, and I get more and more excited (and ok, a bit freaked out too)

My first official Dr. appointment is this upcoming Monday...I am very excited about that...will I get to see the teeny little poppy seed that is my baby? Is everything progressing as it should?
I wish I didn't have to wait so long to find out.