Thursday, March 5, 2009

6 Weeks

Providing my calculations are correct - I am at 6 weeks today! I have read that this is the start of the super important time in the baby's development. How exciting...and a teeny bit nerve wracking.
I really can't wait to get to the Dr. and know everything is going along as it should. I wonder too if I'll get an ultrasound this early and actually be able to see the little bean...That would be so so so cool!

I have told a few more people. I am still waiting to be able to tell some close friends in person before spreading the news like wildfire. It is so hard to keep it all in.

I still am not really sick (though I am bracing myself). Just mildly queasy and unwell here and there. Yesterday the glorious smell of fresh cut grass turned out to be not so glorious. It's pretty strange and funny. Pregnancy brain seems to be setting in now, as does the emotional-ness. I welcome the odd little symptoms actually - they all make it seem more real.

...I still can't believe I am pregnant.