Thursday, May 27, 2010


The plumpkin just pushed the seahorse's belly to make it play music!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Eating Avocado Backwards

Ok, so he didn't actually eat avocado backwards, I mean how can you really do that anyway?
But he did eat avocado, and he did crawl backwards!
Both very very cute things. Got the avocado on video, but I didn't catch the crawling. I really wish I had too - he got so mad when he couldn't crawl forward. It was unbelievably adorable. I am going to try very hard to catch it next time he does it!

I tell you what, that baby of mine is just the cutest, most wonderful little guy ever.
Going through some tough times right now, but he really puts the sparkle in my world.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Starting Solids

Last weekend Patrick got his first taste of solids - organic whole grain rice cereal. He LOVES it so much! His Grandma D got to be the one to give him his first "bite".
When I feed him he says "mmm mmm mmm" it is the cutest thing ever! EVER! I can't wait to introduce a new food this weekend. Avocado maybe? It'll be messy green fun!

It is just so exciting to be able to introduce him to all the yummy things the world has to offer. As with everything so far, he jumps right into new experiences with enthusiasm!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekend with GrandparentsD

Patrick got to spend the weekend with his Grandma & Grandpa D while Drew and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary.
I hear he had a ton of fun. In fact, if it is possible, he came back an even happier baby than when we dropped him off.

I'm so very glad he has such a wonderful and loving family surrounding him.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The 6month old 9month old

Today was Patrick's 6month check-up.
He's doing great! Thriving really- he is the size of a 9 month old!

28 inches and 20lbs 10 ounces!

What a big boy! Time for a new car seat.=)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Patrick's Half-Birthday

My little baby boy is 6 months old today!
I just can't believe it...

This Wednesday is his 6 month check up. Then we will be able to find out the official length and weight. I'm putting my guess in now that he is at least 27.5 inches and has hit 20lbs.

He is rolling around like crazy now. He loves it! He can also hold himself upright, though can't get himself into a sitting position on his own yet. And he very much wants to crawl - he'll be doing it really soon. I just can't believe how fast this is going!

How can it have been 6 months since he was born? How can he be so close to crawling!? It is amazing to me. People alway say "They grow so fast" and I always thought, well yes, I know they do...But I didn't know, not really. They grow REALLY fast! Pretty soon he will be walking, and forming sentences, and dating, and going off to college!

I'm getting ahead of myself though - right now he still slobbers happily, giggles when I kiss him, and rolls around delightedly. I love right now.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My First Mother's Day

Today was my very first official Mother's Day. It was wonderful! The weather was beautiful, and we spent the entire day at Drew's parents'. His sister, Jen, was there as well. We had delicious food and a whole lot of laughs. Patrick was in a fantastic mood and was completely worn out from all the fun.

Both my mom and mom D enjoyed their gifts. Drew and I made a yummy jam and put the baby's foot print on the tag - toe jam - get it? We also put his hand print on their Mother's Day cards. Drew snuck one by me and got a hand print on his card to me as well =)

It was just a very beautiful and happy day all around.
I loved it!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Hair for Mommy

With the super hot and humid weather, and a baby pulling out my hair just a few painful strands at a time, I finally decided to just chop it all off. Yesterday the deed was done! My head feels so much lighter! And of course he can still grab at my hair, but it is so much easier to get him to let go when it isn't all tangled in his little fists!

He had a blast at the salon! He spent the entire hour we were there laughing and flirting and being so insanely cute that all the women were cooing and trying to steal him away! One lady was warned that he grabs hair and she replied "He can have whatever he wants!" Too funny!

When we got home my poor worn out plumpkin went right to sleep and actually slept for a good 3 hours!

A spunky new hair cut and some quiet time - not a bad afternoon at all. =)

Monday, May 3, 2010

That asian woman is stealing our child!

So Sandi, Patrick and I are out shopping (on the way to Whole Foods, actually) and we are all struck with an undying hunger. We were next to an Indian buffet that we'd been to before that was awesome so we thought, "Let's go there!" Well it was 11am on a Sunday so the Indian restaurant wasn't open for another hour! Well we were right next to Bill Wong's world famous buffet with "Grand Opening" in the window. Mind you, Bill Wong's has been in existence since I was in college (2001-2005). I had been before and it was good and whatnot but there was a reason I hadn't been there in 6 or so years. So, with slight apprehension in my heart and grumbling in my tummy, we entered.

They had just opened so all the food was fresh. Everything was amazing! We were munching happily and I had just returned with my second plate when the waitress, a mid-40's asian woman, had picked up our baby. Now normally everywhere we go, people think (rightly so) that our baby is adoreable. Rarely, however, do we let him be carted around by strangers. So very shortly thereafter, another waitress, slightly shorter than the first, came over and Patrick reached out to her. She took him happily and poked fun at the first waitress along the lines of, "He likes me better than you! :P" To which the first waitress moved a little bit and put her arms out to Patrick. This caused him to reach back out to the first lady and caused giggles all around. Even got Patrick swatted on the bottom! So I'm beginning to pay attention to my food again and I get about 2/3 of the way through my 2nd plate when I look up and these woman have Patrick on the OTHER side of the restaurant and are showing him off to random patrons and other staff at the buffet. I was wary but also thought it was pretty funny that they were totally babysitting for free while we had lunch. I made sure to leave a decent tip for the waitress for services rendered.

As we were walking out this random couple stated that "the girls were going to steal (our) baby!"

Good times on I-Drive