Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Date

Drew and I went out on a little date today. We had a little breakfast together, watched Alice in Wonderland Imax3D (Awesome!!!) and drove around a bit with the windows down and chatted. My mom babysat for us. We had a really great time together, but we both found it funny that we really could have had the baby tag along and it probably would not have been much different. I mean, there was not this huge sense of relief with having a break from the baby. Regardless, we had a very nice time and I know my mom was excited to get to babysit.

I know it is important for us to be able to spend time together, just us. I feel very lucky to know that we will be able to do that on occasion, no problem. But it is also nice to realize that we really do get a good amount of "us" time even with the baby.

And yes, we did miss him while we were out =P

It was a really nice day with Drew. And when I got home I had a baby fall asleep in my arms -that was really nice too.