Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Tale of Two Showers: Part 2

Yesterday was the family shower in Bradenton. Drew, mom and I had a great time! Jenny and Tim offered up their back room at the restaurant and some yummy snacky foods for the occasion. The decor was fun and beachy baby boy =) The cake was SO cute and delicious...mmmm...cake...

It was great to see everyone, and they all seemed so excited for us which is really cool! Drew got to open some gifts as well. And we got some really great stuff! It was just really really wonderful!

Drew and I ate way too much sweet stuff =P But I am thinking of eating more of that cake after lunch today!

I think it is so cool that we got to do a shower together. We both feel very thoroughly loved and supported by friends and family.
We may not be 100% ready for the baby to come yet...but we know we are not in this alone, and that makes it so much less scary.