Friday, January 28, 2011

Vocab and Yogurt

Patrick's new game is to play "I spy" while eating breakfast. He will name everything he that can in the vicinity. The dogs, the cats, the boxes (to which he says "Bock, auf!" meaning he wants it opened. Auf is German), toy cars, cows (on the yogurt container), the fruit flavor of the yogurt (which is also pictured on the container and is always either "apple" or "lemon"). Then he will point to the things he doesn't know and ask me what they are. Sometimes he'll try to repeat the word, and sometimes he will laugh and move on to another word he knows...Or like yesterday, he will keep pointing to it because he thinks it is very funny to here me say "Frog, ribbit ribbit" over and over again.
His favorite word this morning was "lemon" since that was the flavor of his yogurt. Every bite he said it over and over again. It was very funny, and very cute.