Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nursing & Weening

I never was one of those women who wanted to nurse much past one year (more power to them though) I always said that if my child can walk up to me, lift my shirt, and latch on...it is past time to ween.
Well...he didn't walk up to me...he crawled. *Sigh*

Not that he hasn't been slowly weening as it is. For the most part he only nurses in the morning and evening. And the last couple of days he's been skipping the pm feeding.

So, it is time to get serious about this weening business.
It isn't easy, because we both enjoy the nursing. It is our snuggle time. I know he'll be snuggly when he gets a bit older. Right now life is just way too exciting to slow down for even a moment. I get a squish and a big wet kiss, and he's off to explore and be chased, and get into trouble.

My goal is to have him completely weened by the end of this month.
I'll miss it though.
Letting go of babyhood is really hard.
Now wish me luck with this. Patrick will not be very pleased to have his boobies taken away! LOL!