Sunday, January 2, 2011

(More) Words

I thought it might be a good idea to write down Patrick's first few words, before there are just too many to keep track of anymore. He's been learning a word or two almost every day now! He is incredible!
These are in no particular order, but they are all the words he knows and says. He actually understands even more words than this...but that is just too long of a list already.

Mama and Dada (obviously)


Woof and dog


Baum (German for tree)


Book "Buhp"



Ja (German for yes)

Button "tuhn"

Bird "eeee" (This is because, as much as I like to avoid baby talk, I said "Birdie" once or twice, so "eeee" it is. I should note, baby dragons and airplanes are also called "eeee")

Flower "ow"

Baby "baba"

Blue "boo"

Balloon "boon"

Bear and Ball are both "Ba" (but he knows the difference between them)

Turtle "LdlLdlLdlLdl"

Spoon "Gohk" ( idea...)

Yellow "e-ow"

Cup "up" or "babababababa"

What's that? "Ow?"

I want that! "Dat!"

He also says "Owa" when he wants to tell me what something is

Yum! "mmmm num num num" (Ok, that doesn't really count, but it is super cute!)

And, we aren't sure, but we think he says "Agua" for water.


He also says "bowl", "auto", and "more"...Oh! And his newest word is "Light" He is very proud of it and repeating it over and over. Very cute!

Obviously I should have done this list a little sooner...I am already loosing track of the words.
Not quite 14 months old, and he has quite the vocabulary! When people ask me if he's walking yet and I say no, and they get that look (you know, that slightly rude look that just screams "Wow, shouldn't he be? What's wrong with him?") I smile and say "He's decided to use his brain first, he already has more than 10 words in his vocabulary. That usually wipes that silly look right off their faces. Don't they know that all babies develop differently? I have heard of 6 month old babies walking, and babies not walking until 18 months, and both are normal. I am sure there are other babies out there with a very high vocabulary for their age too.
I just is more than 20 words! Wow! (14 if you only count words he actually says "properly" and clearly)

The one thing those snobby people (What is with those weird baby snobs anyway? Subject for another post...) can still stump us on is when they say "Doesn't he say bye-bye?" It is supposedly one of the first words babies learn, right up there with "Mama" and "Dada". Patrick does not say "bye-bye"
Kinda hard to be worried with all the other words he knows. It is a bit odd though. I think he just doesn't believe in "bye-bye" =)

He does give high fives though, which is pretty cool.

I just read on BabyCenter that a 14 month old should know around 3 words. So either people just aren't paying attention and are missing the words babies know, or Patrick is just absolutely brilliant. I'd like to think it is a little of both.
I also think that speaking to your baby like a real person, reading to them, and repeating words and making them fun, makes a really big difference too.

Only 3 words? That just can't be right! Babies, all babies, are a lot smarter and know a lot more than people think!


ThingsTreasured said...

Your brilliant son also says Bowl clear as day and points to it when he says it!!

Sandi said...

Thank you! That actually reminded me of more words. Really should have started this list sooner LOL! I edited. =)