Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Moms are FEARLESS!

I was sharing some thoughts with a friend of mine today, who has some fears about making a big decision for her baby.

I remember having those same fears. It seems the fears keep on coming because I have all new ones now. I have a feeling all moms do. But while writing her I realized that once a decision was made, I never backed down - and that is pretty fearless!

I've had moments here and there in my life where I've been a bit fearless, but never so much as I have now that I am a mother. I often feel like a mother bear with her cub.
Unless there is an immediate threat, it takes me time to actually reach the point of being fearless...I will go back and forth on an issue, research until my eyes fall out (not really of course, I need those eyes to see what the baby is getting into!) I will ask the opinions and advice of others until I make them all crazy...but once I finally decide something...nothing will make me back down! And no one can intimidate me or make me feel bad about my choice.

I am not a traditional girl, and many of the choices I made (and will make) for Patrick are considered at least a bit weird by quite a few people...but I don't care! I know in my heart that I am making the right choices (since I researched them to death) and nothing will sway me!

Maybe that is the key to being a fearless mother - after all, knowledge is power!
My advice to moms would be to inform yourself so you make knowledgeable decisions, trust your instincts, and tell anyone who is rude to you about your choices to kiss your baby's poopy diaper!
As long as you are well informed and full of love for that little baby, you can trust that you are making the right choices for your child, and don't ever let anyone try and tell you otherwise!

That is not to say that there isn't always more to learn, and good advice to listen to...but we all know there is a big difference between kind words meant to help and guide, and rude people trying to force their often unknowledgeable opinions on you.

When the naysayers start their nay-saying...just remember...you are a mom...you are FEARLESS!

Ya know...now that I think about it...this seems to apply to women in general =)