Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Heart My Birth Center

Today I had my first official appointment at my new birth center. It was much more informative and personal than the other place. Also, not only did I get to hear my squirmy little baby's heartbeat, but Kaleen the nurse midwife, told me when the baby gave a little kick (I think I may have felt it too!) and I got to hear what the cord sounds like. Really cool!
They are so much more holistic and natural in their approach and I just really love it. I am so so so so so happy I didn't settle for something I was iffy about at best and checked out the place I should have gone to in the beginning - silly me thinking that a closer to home location was better than my gut feeling.

I go back in 2 week and after that I get to set up THE ultrasound! That's right...about 3 weeks and we get to know if it's a little girl or a little boy!!! Sooner than I expected too! I am so thrilled!


ThingsTreasured said...

OMG how exciting!!!! ::squishy hugs::

PS I will emailie you tomorrow. :)