Thursday, December 10, 2009

Patrick is 1 month old!

Weighing in at almost 11lbs, and about an inch or so longer than when he was baby boy is growing fast!
He sometimes looks so big to me, and other times I can't get over how tiny he is.

I am feeling alot better. I still have down and overwhelmed moments, and blah days, but mostly I feel good. And now is the time to start DOING stuff...
But that's not as easy as one might think. How can I get stuff done and keep the baby happy?
It may take me another month or so to figure that one out.

But instead of boring you with that - I am going to be the gushing mommy and share with you everything my brilliant little baby can do!
He can hold his head up for over 1 minute and push himself up with his arms. And he can stand on his legs and bounce. He laughs and smiles, I think he recognizes me. He loves to fly, he loves watching lights and staring at light and shadows. He coos and ahhs and of course makes his little happy monster noises often.

It is so wonderful to have such a happy baby =)