Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Spit-Up, Poopie, and Giggles

So, we have discovered that when I eat even the tiniest amount of dairy (I was trying to see if maybe a little would be ok) while he did not get more fussy and gassy, he did spit up more...ALOT more. So, it is official. No dairy for me!

We are really getting the hang of diapers. I find myself wishing I could have him potty trained before he starts on solid foods. Because that poop will be more difficult. Oh well. I am sure we will get the hang of that too when the time comes. For now I am enjoying to ease of the poopie. Also, cloth diapers are fantastic! I really don't know why some people were telling me it is so difficult. It really isn't. And dare I say...It is kinda fun...maybe I need to get out more.

Patrick is 5 weeks old today. He giggles almost all the time when he is awake now (aside from the occasional cry, fuss, and really upset cry) He even giggles when he spits up, which is kinda funny.
He also laughs in his sleep.
He is just so happy! Must be all the yummy food I ate while pregnant. ;)