Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Belly Brace...Get One!

We like to go on little hiking walks, especially on the weekends. But it has been getting much harder for me to walk for a long time, especially on uneven ground. I have a friend who got a belly brace and said it's awesome. She uses it mostly for cleaning. Since I am getting very spoiled in that regard right now, I really just need it for walking. Then I started thinking, maybe I don't need on at all.
There are two kinds - the ultimate strap-tastic could hold up an elephant's belly braces, and simple bands that snap or velcro just under the belly. But really...the super strapy one looks too complicated and made me break out in a a sweat just looking at all that thick itchy fabric, and the simple one, well what good could it really do?

The lady in Motherhood Maternity let me try one on...Holy cow!!!! I felt as if I lost 5lbs! It was fantastic...

So if you are ever in the market for a belly brace - I highly reccomend one, and the simple one at that!

It is heavenly =D