Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Laughing Baby

That little boy of mine is so amazing! He makes me want to have dozens of children. Seriously! But, at the very least, I have him =)

He has two fun new games. Both involve much laughing. He loves to crawl away from me giggling like crazy when I catch him, and he loves to talk and laugh and play peek-a-boo with me when I put him down for a nap and try to take a little nap myself. That does of course mean I don't end up getting a nap, but that's alright, he's worth it.

Everyday with him is such a joy!
He just loves to laugh and it's wonderful!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

8 Months and On the Move!

Patrick is now 8 months old. There have been so many new things lately. It is all going by so fast! I can't believe how he is growing.
In just a few short weeks he is crawling better, has another tooth starting to come in, and is sitting up all on his own. He is also now starting to pull himself up on stuff.

He also had his first experience with bodies of water - first a pool, then the ocean. He LOVED both! He kicks and laughs and tries to 'catch' the water with his hands and feet. It is just the coolest thing to watch!
I can't wait to go to the beach house with him in August! It will be so much fun!

The only down side to all this activity is - he is totally wearing me out! I really need to up my energy level before he starts walking!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Road trip, crawling, and teeth!

The baby is awesome on road trips! I mean really fantastic! I love going on drives with him. Even when he's not asleep, he just plays in the back, talking, laughing, singing. He rarely cries and then it is for a reason, even if that reason is "Hey mom, take a few minutes and squish me"

We went to Kentucky to see the Brogans, and see EJ while he was on leave for the 4th of July weekend. It was a great visit. The baby was played with so much! He was totally worn out, which made him especially easy on the trip back. He also got some junk food from his GiGi. He loved that! I have to admit, it was very cute =)

But the coolest most awesome thing is - the baby is officially on the move! He is still a bit wiggly, but he is definitely crawling! And he's getting FAST! He especially loves crawling to things he shouldn't get his determined little hands on. So very much need to baby proof!

And, this morning I discovered....a TOOTH! The front, bottom, left tooth is breaking out! Oh My Gooodness! My baby almost has a tooth!
I think the Chinese medicine he's been getting for teething has really been helping, because he's hardly fussy at all.

I just can't believe how fast he is growing!