Monday, June 21, 2010

A Day Without the Plumpkin

Yesterday, Patrick's Daddy took him for the day, and I had a whole day baby-free. I decided to do the one thing I really can't do with the baby - go to the movies!
My mom took me to Downtown Disney and we watched The A-Team AND Sex and the City 2! Both very fun movies. But I totally missed the baby!

I think it is so important that Drew gets some good quality time with his son, and at the same time, I get a much needed break. Plus, Patrick is always so excited to see his daddy. Happiness for everyone!

It is so very nice to get a little break from 24/7 mom duty. It helps me rejuvenate and remember how awesome it is to be a mommy. It has not been easy being pretty much the only one taking care of the baby this last month. My mom has helped out quite a bit, but she has been so busy working that there were plenty of days I had no help at all. Drew actually watched the baby for me a few days ago too, and I got to see Prince of Persia with my mom and James & Scott(I like movies, can you tell?)

This being a single mom thing is not easy, and definitely not what I had planned. But I am so lucky to have so much support. It still gets overwhelming sometimes, but I think motherhood does anyway - single or not.

So, I may miss my little guy when he's off playing with one of the many other people who adore him...but I really do appreciate the time to myself.
I think the next baby free day I'll get dressed up and go somewhere fancy. And probably see another movie ;)