Friday, January 22, 2010

Sweet Dreams and Bubble Baths

I'm so excited because we have the baby's section of the bedroom almost completely set up! Just a few more decorating touches and it'll be done and perfect. The crib is all set with an awesome new mattress and adorable bedding. And the best news yet, Patrick LOVES it! He sleeps so well in there for his naps and the first part of the night. He ends up in bed with us when I have to get up to feed him. But that's just fine. I was worried that it would be too cramped having his nursery in our little apartment bedroom, but it has actually worked out quite nicely. We still have a part of the bedroom that gets to be the "grown up" section. I am pleased =)

I will post pictures as soon as it is finished.
Speaking of which...I still need to post the Christmas pictures. I guess I better get on that.

I was happy to be able to show the almost finished nursery off to Omi (that would be Patrick's Great Grandmother) before she went back to Germany. She worries about us, being so far away and all, so it was nice to show her that everything is going great and we are doing just fine.
She also got to give Patrick his very first real bath in his little baby tub. I have it on video! I also have a few pictures that I will post (really!). He wasn't quite sure about how he felt about the whole ordeal - typical boy - it was very cute! It was just so neat to be able to make that memory with her. She gave me my first baby tub bath. =)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Birth Control Part 2

I may go back and forth on this issue a zillion more times before truly coming to a decision ( I promise there will not be a "Birth Control Part 1 Zillion" post). I spoke with the Kaleen, the nurse midwife. She suggests I give the IUD a try because I can always get it removed if it gives me problems. Oh the wisdom in that...
So now I am all uncertain again.

I have to wonder how many other women struggle with this issue. It can't just be me. Can it?
I feel like such a weirdo and a pain in the behind to boot. Why don't I just make it easy on myself, on the poor midwives, on Drew, on my faithful readers, and just do what I'm supposed to and get myself some conventional BC goodness?
Part of me really wants to do that...
But the nature girl in me is screaming bloody murder at the thought of ingesting/having inserted hormones and hormone drenched foreign objects.

So...will I try the IUD after all? If I do will I love it or hate it? Or will I give into my tree hugger tendencies and use Neem Oil...
The world may never know.
What would you do?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Birth Control

WARNING: This post may be a bit TMI!!!

Still Reading? Don't say I didn't warn you....

Birth Control - It is a very difficult subject. You wouldn't think so, but it really really is, especially if you have trouble with synthetic hormones like I do. And so, once again, instead of accepting "how things are" I have gone into full research mode. Here is what I have found:

The IUD, while seemingly a fantastic option for those who do not want, or cannot do the not so fantastic. For one, the most commonly used IUD has hormones too and the same side effects that cause me problems with the pill (i.e. depression, weight gain, fatigue, among other things...) but wait! It gets better! In some instances the body will basically make the IUD a part of you. Meaning it will take surgery to get it out which will usually lead to infertility since they have to cut you up (ok, it is rare, but come on, it CAN happen and that is just scary!) Also, the IUD (both the copper and the hormone one) can cause horrible bleeding and is not recommended for people with anemia and can cause anemia. Ridiculous!

So what's a girl to do!? I mean my baby is absolutely wonderful, but I want to enjoy him, and only him, for a little while. Plus I'd like to get used to this whole motherhood thing...and balancing being a wife, mom, and still being me. AND Drew and I really want to be on our feet financially before another really...what's the option here?

Fertility Awareness Method actually worked really well for us for about a year...and it does work really well if you A. Have a regular cycle and B. Don't mess up. LOL*
Breastfeeding makes the whole regular cycle thing an issue, so no FAM for us. At least for a while.

Barrier methods are common, but they come with their own issues, not to mention they can be costly, and are generally only 87% effective....hmm...

So I started reading about Neem Oil. Ok, so this may be some crazy tree hugger hippie stuff, but Neem Oil is said to be almost 100% effective when used properly AND it is a pill that the guy takes! It has a ton of health benefits, and just happens to be a birth control method to boot. Interesting right!? No side effects, no hormonal issues...seems almost to good to be true!

So Drew and I talked alot! The mini pill gave me problems so I was considering an IUD, but after what I have read, and shared with him...we have agreed that that is perhaps not the best idea...
We are going to give Neem a try, but as I am not ready to trust it 100% we will try it along with barrier and FAM (as soon as things even out there).

We decided that we would rather the small risk of getting pregnant again than have me all tired and gloomy (understatement) all the time - that would not be good for any of us. It is no way to live.
I know some people will think I'm a bit crazy for doing this...but hell, I'd rather be crazy and happy than do something I know will only make me and my family miserable.

Besides...we do make damn cute babies.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Remembering Me

I just got done taking a bath. I shaved for the first time since the baby was born. I felt like a werewolf. I feel better now. I also did a hair treatment, used a delicious new body wash Drew and I splurged on yesterday, and finally topped it all of with some yummy new jojoba oil - It makes skin happy.

Now I feel delightful!

It was a little much needed spa time.

I've been so focused on the baby, and the apartment, and just finding quiet moments to take a deep breath, I had forgotten to actually take care of myself!
It feels really good to do a bit of pampering.
I really want to try and be better about taking care of myself regularly, but at the very least, today should hold me over for another 2 months or so.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Vaccinations Part 2

I ended up just going for it. Patrick received his first two shots.

I spent the entire day worrying and watching him closely. He is of course perfectly fine. He was a teeny bit fussy in the evening, and the following day, but everything is back to normal now.

Maybe I'll be less nervous for the next set in 2 months, but somehow I doubt it. It is, after all, my mommy prerogative to freak out needlessly.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010



Tomorrow is Patrick's 8 week check up. It is also when he is supposed to get his first set of shots. I am so nervous about the vaccinations. I am considering waiting a few months before we get started on them. It is a hard place to be. I don't want anything bad to happen to him. So what do I do? Start them and risk him having a reaction, or don't start them yet and risk him getting whatever he would have been vaccinated against? I know there are people on both sides of the fence. People who absolutely will not vaccinate, and people who vaccinate against everything as quickly as possible. After much research and debating we are doing a slower, less aggressive vaccination schedule, and we are happy with this...well as happy as we can be...there is still that small risk of a negative reaction. I don't like it.

It is not easy making these decisions.

Here's hoping all goes well tomorrow. I'm so nervous. I want to cry a little

Monday, January 11, 2010


No, it's not what you think! I am most certainly NOT pregnant again!
However, I did have the misfortune of being mistaken as pregnant. Oh woe!
It really is time I do something about this flabby belly of mine!

And even though I know I have a flabby belly (that I REALLY try to hide) and I know I just had a baby and it takes time to lose said felt absolutely awful to have someone talk to my stomache as if there was a little person in there.

How ironic - the one thing that gave me such absolute pleasure when I actually was pregnant, almost rendered me to tears now that I have the baby.
I wanted to say "The baby is doing fine thanks, but he's not been in residence here for 2 months now!" But I didn't want to be rude.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Patrick is 2 Months Old

I know I still need to add some new baby photos, especially since he's a whole month older now. We just moved so finding the camera will be a bit tricky. But as soon as I do, there will be photos.

Patrick is now babbling more, grabbing at things, and playing with his little hands. He laughs out loud all the time, even in his sleep sometimes. It is just incredible. He is so cute! How on earth did I make such an adorable baby!? And how did I get so lucky to have such a happy, easy baby? It is just wonderful!
Also, we have all been sick on and off with different things, but my fantastic little boy has not gotten sick, other than a little cold in December. It is just amazing to me. I feel so very lucky.

Right now my grandmother, Omi, is in town. She adores her great grandson and she would like for me to make more soon. Patrick also got a visit from Grandma D today. It was pretty cool having all the grandmas and the great grandma there loving the baby.

As far as how I am doing 2 months into motherhood - not too shabby. I actually feel pretty good (thanks in no small part to the acupuncture and Chinese herbally goodness I have been getting) And I am finding that I really love being a mother. I am having a bit of a difficult time balancing all of the different parts of me: mother, wife, just plain old Sandi...but I know I'll get there. I do need to start focusing on getting in shape though. That is something ALL the different parts of me agree on.

And it really does amaze me that the diaper changes are not as horrific as I thought they would be...
Happy 2 month Birthday Patrick!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

We didn't quite make it to midnight. We had our little New Year's toast at 11pm instead of 12. But that just means we were happily snug and in bed when the old year gave way to the new one. Nothing wrong with that. =)

And the first thing we did to ring in the new year is move!

Drew, Patrick, and I have found a little apartment to start the newest chapter of our life together in. It's a little smaller than we are used to, so minimizing will definitely be a must. But it is cute, and ours, and will make a great home for us to start out in.

I just love new beginnings!