Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ooopsy Daisy

On Februrary 25th, at 4:15am, I took a pregnancy test. I was really not expecting anything...I figured I'd take it, it would be negative, and I'd end up getting my period that very day and laugh about it my extreme surprise...there was not one line on that strip, but two...

2 little red lines...

OMG! I am pregnant!

It came as quite the shock. I stared at the stip a few more minutes, then went back to bed a bit shaken. Originally I had planned on telling Drew in a cute fun way. But I was so freaked out, that it just slipped out in a small frightened little voice. "Drew....I'm pregnant"

He is so excited!
And after a few days of processing the information, I am getting pretty excited as well!

Wow...I still can't believe I'm pregnant...